Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's try something new

It's strange sometimes how resistant to change we can be.  For example: food.
We like what we like and seldom try new things.  Well, some people are adventurous and try new foods on occasion.  Sometimes you can find something really good if you just try it.

Let's take Apples.  I'm not talking about the computer kind - though I could make that argument fairly soundly.

If you go into the grocery store you will normally find a few standard kinds of apples.  If you go into the store that starts with W you find Golden Delicious and Red Delicious and occasionally Granny Smith.

Did you know that there are a lot of other wonderful types of apples.  My family and I went to a local apple orchard and sampled Cameo, Dixie Red, Johnathan, Jonagold, Mutsu and a host of others.  We liked the Mutsu best of the green apples and Cameo of the red.  You can find some of these in the grocery store. 

While the Cameo was our favorite, when we went back they didn't have any.  Did I mention, that from an orchard they are quite inexpensive?

Back at the grocery store, we tried Braeburn, Jazz and Honey Crisp.  We really like the Jazz and the Honey Crisp.  My personal favorite is the Honey Crisp.

If you get a chance you should stop by the supermarket - even if you don't like apples - and try some of these.  Get a Honey Crisp or Jazz - you won't be sorry.  You won't find them in that big W store - so try somewhere else.

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