Sunday, October 25, 2009


To start out I thought I would just tell you a little about myself.  I'm the author of Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 hours.  I'm self employed full time as a consultant.  I develop software in various forms for many different companies and individuals.  In addition, my business handles website development and hosting for small and medium sized businesses.

Most of the software development I handle is for Microsoft Windows.  I can and do code in COBOL, Java, C, C++ and C#.  I'm delving into OS/X and iPhone development as well.

I'll be blogging about Software development, Hardware and assorted other things that I think you might find interesting. 

There are links to my personal and professional websites.  If I get enough interest maybe I'll join Facebook.  I do have a twitter account for Software Simple - but we haven't done anything with it yet.

If there's something you would like me to write about or comment on - please let me know!